Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Geoff

I am as my blog title describes, a mummy, photographer and a wife. I am also someone trying to get into your advertising photography workshop :p My day job is running The Studio Loft, a photography studio I started almost 5 years ago. I shoot newborns, kids, families and the very pregnant nude on a daily basis and work 6 days a week. I love what I do but lately I've been feeling that I am capable of better and in need of some guidance and inspiration to move to the next level of my photography. Registering for your upcoming workshop is my first step towards achieving this. Deciding on 15 images to convince you I am student-worthy was tough. I've decided to present you with a hopscotch of images from the past couple of years which spans both commissioned as well as personal work. Please look through the below and I hope you will accept me into the class :)


Studio work

This wasn't shot in the studio but I did use an off camera flash. It's my first miserable attempt at fashion photography but I do like this shot starring my son :) It's a punk rock themed shoot.

Natural light on location

The below was one of the images I shot for the book Our Very Own

Due to my fear of flying, I have only a handful of travel shots but last year something exciting happened to me which required me to leave my comfort zone and fly. I was one of 6 photographers in the documentary series Asia Exposed on Channel Newsasia. My assignment was to photograph the Hijras (the third gender) in India. It was an eye opening experience. Here are a few shots I like from the slums of Mumbai.

Breastfeeding is bestfeeding

The Hijra Widows


Street kids wise beyond their years

Cheeky peek


Kar Mun said...

Your work is amazing Maryann!

maryann koh said...

oh thanks kar mun! just saw your comment, sorry :p
i got into the class, so happy! it's only going to be in June so a few months to go...can't wait.

Kar Mun said...

Yeah! How could anyone reject you? your work is amazing :)

petite fleur said...

Of course you would...I love this post cos it shows the photos that you had selected yourself (& they are all gorgeous !)...

maryann koh said...

thanks y'all, made my day!