Monday, March 30, 2009

Carrie Sandoval - the rockstar of newborn photography

When you mention baby photography, most people think of Anne Geddes. However, in the past few years, Carrie Sandoval has risen to be one of the best newborn photographer (at least to me). Her work is AMAZZZZZING to say the least and although I just came to know about her a couple of months ago, I am still in awe of her work.

If you look at any and I mean really, ANY of the baby photographers in Singapore, you will notice that most of them has at least one Carrie shot in their portfolio. While I was going "nice" over the work of a fellow photographer before, then while looking though Carrie's site I realised, hey! so this is where they got the pose from hahaha :D Anyway they say imitation is a form of flattery so Carrie, you have a lot of flatterers here in Singapore! ;)

I find Carrie very inspiring as she comes up with new ideas or improve on old ones every now and then. Whilst Anne Geddes came up with the hanging babies concept, Carrie brought it a step further by making the faces of the babies visible (via a hole/gap) while being hung. And her branch shot is WOW wow wow!

Browsing through her blog, I realised she's a Nikon user, whoo hoo! And the best part, she uses my favourite lens for most of her shots, the 50mm f1.4! What I would love to have now is an area of my space in the studio for available light shooting.

Carrie Sandoval, you rock!


Anonymous said...

I looked up Carrie Sandoval and now I want to have another baby just so that we can capture pictures like that! :p

Carrie Sandoval said...

Maryann - thank you so much for the kind words! You made my day... err week... month??

maryann koh said...

*jumping ecstatically* carrie, I can't believe you read my post and dropped me a note! thank you for bring a great inspiration to me and many others :) looking forward to your book.

kellysjy said...

Hi maryann, hope you won't mind me commenting :)

Yeah i think Carrie is awesome and she's my all time inspiration too!!

J.H said...

That's is such a wonderful shoots from both Anne and Carrie!
Even though I still prefer colourful picture (Anne), but Carrie is truly inspiring :-)