Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain & Cows @ Bottle Tree Park

We brought the kids to the Bottle Tree Park and it poured :s Couldn't do the "long kang" fishing so we'll go back again. Lunch at the restaurant was unexpectedly alright, "zhi cha" style. I recommend the banana fritter thingy, forgot the name :p

While waiting out the rain, we saw a couple of "cows" pulling a carriage! Kayden the cow maniac was obviously excited to see them so we took some shots there while it drizzled. There's another part of the park which had dinosaur "fossils" but it wasn't sheltered so we can't get to it.

Since the rain took our fun away, we let Kayden have some fun as our photographer for the day, here is a collage of the shots he took! At first it was all headless and tilted shots hahaha then he got the hang of it and managed to take a really straight shot (2nd shot from bottom left)! He even took me nursing Dylan and an arty farty shot of his own feet! Not bad ya? ;)

All shots taken with the Lumix.


jacQ said...

hey! if you're near bottle tree park or zoo and it rains, can try visiting Orchid Country Club and there's an indoor playground there. Just renovated and both my girls love it! :)

etceteramommy said...

Nice pictures. Do you normally use shoot raw? A priority? What about ISO? Some reason, my pictures tend to have a lot of noise. Thanks for sharing :(

maryann koh said...

hi jacq, thanks for the tip but don't we need to be members to use the facilities?

etceteramommy, yeah i shoot RAW then edit in photoshop. for outdoors i usually use ISO 100 (turn off the Intelligent ISO setting, it's not that intelligent hahaha). for indoors i sometimes use up to 800 but it's noisy as you mentioned. best to stick to 400 and below.

etceteramommy said...

Thanks for the tip Maryann. Appreciate it.