Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Sticky Cruiser

Today, Baby Dyl has equalled time spent inside my womb, outside of it :p He's 9 months old.

I thought he would have walked by now since he started standing when he was 2 months old but no, he's a happy cruiser, stopping only to inspect something or to be carried. He has also developed separation anxiety from yours truly :s It was fun at first feeling needed and wanted. The moment I stepped out of his sight, he screams for me. "La lala lala, somebody loves me!" I thought to myself each time this happens. But now, I wished he wouldn't need me that much :s Especially since he's so mobile now, he will come looking for me if I chose to ignore his cries :p So sometimes when I am shooting and he's in one of his sticky moods, I can hear the squeaks his knees make rubbing against the timber flooring of the studio as he's crawling towards me and tah dah, look who's come through the curtain and flashing me the sweetest smile? He will then proceed to pull himself up to standing position using my body for support, then giving you a proud grin once he has completed the act as if to say - "Look at me mummy!" If I am in a crouched down shooting position, he will give me a big hug from behind which makes my heart melt like chocolate between fingers and I will then put down the camera and scoop this cute baby up and kiss him a million times while he chuckles and guffaws when my hair falls on his skin and tickles him :D That's how cute this little boy is!

He's still not really into solids but does eat 2 meals a day. Biscuits do not go down well with him. Somehow I think he's not ready for any chewing action. Although he has 4 teeth already, he only uses them to bite us, not eat. I don't know how other babies his age can be eating raisins and bread because I tried letting him munch a raisin but it stayed in his mouth forever and the other day he grabbed a slice of apple from his brother and while attempting to chew on it, he gagged and vomitted out his dinner :s I guess he's really not ready so I shall let him take his time.

We have a million and one toys for Dylan to play with and although he likes a few of them, he gets more fun out of simple everyday things like flapping a plastic bag with his arms to hear the sound or just today he took my mineral water bottle and started waving it up and down observing how the water droplets move, then pressing hard on it with his little fingers to get the plastic crackling. I think I'll put some green beans into the bottle and that'll become a cheap maraca for my simple hearted son :)

People ask me how I can juggle the business while looking after Dylan full time (of course I have help from my in-laws and from Charlene and Ashley in the studio), the answer is simple - I love doing it! :)

Happy 9th month Dyl Dyl! *muacks*


wendyg said...

ahhh, so which one did u use for his passport? =)

maryann koh said...

so clever! how you know i took these for his passport kekeke :)
not one he was smiling nicely, think can only use the one on the top right? my friend said cannot use the punk hairstyle type is this true?

J.H said...

that's so cute! He is so chubby too, hard to imagine he mainly gain that from milk :-)

jacQ said...

love the pics! He is such a darling :) I love the stage where they start to respond and reciprocate all the affection. I like the punk hairstyle pic best. heh. So CUTE!

wendy said...

i vote for the unusual ones.. give the customs officer smthg to smile about haha. top left or any one fr bottom row! re: punk style - how would they know that's not his natural hairstyle lor.. some babies hv natural spikey hair or durian head or botak!

kristalangel said...

eeee he's so cute :)
love the photos of him.

maryann koh said...

thanks ladies! dylan sends his love to you all! ;)