Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's tough to be my husband :p

i lose my temper easily when you disagree with me
we often argue over what's best for the boys
and you say i always think i am in the right
well ok, maybe 80% of the time :p
if i am not working or looking after the boys
i am nuah-ing in front of the tv
the housework is mostly done by you
and your favourite complain is i treat the home like a hotel :p
things have improved since i found a part-time maid
but i know you would still like to see me chip in more often
i cannot promise you i'll be able to do it
but i will try harder to keep the house tidy
thanks for being an understanding husband
although you are a tad naggy ;)
i think you are a great father!
to kayden especially
i secretly love how you fuss over things
with that deep burrow on your forehead as you frown
while fixing your helicopter or trying to solve a problem
the way you don't care what others think
and always in your Led Zeppelin tee, bermudas and slippers :D
my dear husband of more than 7 years
i wish you a very happy 30 something birthday!!!

your messy wife :D

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