Sunday, March 8, 2009

Three and a half

My dearest Kayden boy,

Today you turn three and a half years old. I really enjoy being with you at this age - you are chatty and cheeky, jovial and funny! It's a marked improvement from your third birthday where you still suffered from extreme shyness.

You are also, FINALLY! toilet trained :D I have to give credit to Daddy for persevering in this area and our incentive to you will be a vacation to Australia this May :) hurray to no diapers!!!

You have become quite a "disciplinarian" with Dylan, often scolding him in mock sternness like your teacher, "What did Miss Juliana say? Don't touch my toy!" hahaha! You make me laugh whenever you do that :D Or when you get exasperated from trying to keep baby from touching your toys, you will say to him,"What shall I do baby?!?!?!" and throw up your arms :p hahahahaha!

Diet wise, you've been eating better and not as fussy as before. I feel VERY happy when you ask for second helpings of what I cooked. You will still not eat any visible vegetables so I have to puree them and cook them within the rice you so love. But as long as you are getting your nuitrition, I don't mind :) You love apples and can eat a whole one (peeled) after dinner.

Getting you to smile for the camera is now a terrible idea as you will scrunch up your face into the "no eyes grin" :s (see above picture) I have to catch you unaware for more natural smiles.

We can hold longer conversations with you although most of them will end with you asking why? and us not being able to answer your question :p The past 2 weeks I was incharged of packing your bag for school while Daddy was serving the nation and one day after school you chided me when I picked you up, "Mummy, you forgot my cookie crisp today." Me, "Did I? I packed them into your snack box what!?" You, "No, that was coco krunch!" oops sorry dear ;p

You have an obsession with cows. And I think the one thing we must do while in Perth is to bring you to see a live one. Hopefully it will be an experience that will not disappoint your high regard for the animal. By the way, mummy is a cow you know? I was born in the year of the ox kekeke

Darling boy, you have grown up so fast the past year and all too soon, you will become a young man. Mummy, Daddy and baby loves you heaps and may you stay forever sunny :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann,

My son is nearly Kayden's age and also fussy about his food especially over veggies.

Im interested to know how you make the veggies puree and cook them within the rice?



maryann koh said...

hi sheryl, if you refer to this link
you can get the book and it teaches you how to make various purees but it's really simple, just steam/cook/bake any veg and then depending on the type of veg, add some water and blend it till smooth. so when i cook his fried rice, i just mix in the puree :D