Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Birthday

My blog's first birthday passed by without me realising it! Happy 1st birthday :) My first picture post was one of Kayden sitting on top of the washing machine and I had that shot and a few others printed on canvas this week. It looks really lovely and I can't wait to hang them up in my home. Erwin has agreed to let me use the living room wall for my pictures :D

I am hoping the year ahead will see me improving my craft and I will try and post more inspirational photos as I go along. Meantime, I am also working to bring The Studio Loft's photography to the next level. Stay tuned :)


DinoEgg said...

I like these post of Kayden! Now I know why I am addicted to YOU! hahahaha~ Maybe I should get myself a very good professional camera hehehe~

J.H said...

happy belated blog birthday maryann!