Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Weddings & 2 Birthdays

Over the weekend we attended 2 weddings and a birthday party for 2 sisters :) It was a major feat just getting the 4 of us to 1 event, let alone 3! So the daddy and I were pretty pooped.

Saturday was the wedding of my ex boyfriend G :p I was looking forward to meeting up with mutual friends and his family after such a long time. His mum and aunty called me by name the moment they saw me and I was so touched they were still so friendly to me, afterall we were together 7 years. His mum even gave me some money for my school fees when I went to Australia for my studies more than 10 years ago. Anyway I bought the Lumix to take some photos but they suck :( Can someone please tell me how do I get it to work like an idiot proof point & shoot? I was getting blurred shots all the time as I didn't want to use the flash and even at F2 there were still movement blur. Also at this setting, no one I passed the camera to could get a nice shot, arrrgh!

Here are some pix from wedding 1:

the cheeky boy hogging the cashew nuts!

the only family shot and dunno where the 2 kids were looking :S

that's Leia, my starwars crazy friend Leonard's daughter. Kayden has taken a liking to her and even on sunday night's wedding he was still asking us,"Where's mei mei?"

My baby and me :)

Just managed to get 1 picture from the party of Charlotte and Chloe and it's blurred as usual hehe but I do like the effect.

The second wedding was that of my cousin Jean. She's the firstborn of my mother's younger brother. Jean, my brother Aaron and I all grew up together under the care of my grandmother in a zinc roof house in Hougang :p My grandma who has been in the nursing home for almost a year now was there for the happy occasion. My mum brought her out from the home to attend the event and I am sad to see her so thin and haggard but she still ate quite a bit and was lucid so it was good to see. My brother and family were there too.

My mother and Ah Mah with Dylan

Stepbrother Eugene

The only shot I looked ok in and it's blur (check out Dy's blur face haha)

My brother and his family. That's my niece Cara in the red dress. She's 5 months older than Kayden.

here are a few more photos from my iPhone:


Laura said...

Try the anti-shake function..

maryann koh said...

don't think there's one. it's ok i shall make it a point to read the manual :p if not just lug the D200 along next time :s

yvonne said...

I really wish to know if you managed a solution to this. I'm kinda having second thoughts if I should get it after seeing the pics. :(

maryann koh said...

hi yvonne, hahaha, well that would save you $700 won't it? ;)

anyway i have did my own analysis and this is what i think happened. i put the focussing on FACE DETECTION. so let's say there are 3 faces at different depths so what the camera tries to do to get all 3 faces in focus is it increases the aperture, thus resulting in slow shutter speed which leads to blurring of movement. also, i was shooting at ISO100 at a very dark ballroom, what do you expect? even with a DSLR at ISO100 and f2 i doubt you can get away with movements. So in conclusion, either increase the ISO or use the flash or bring your superduper DSLR (which has better performance at high ISO) and set to ISO800 :D

etceteramommy said...

Thanks for replying Maryann. Lugging a dslr ard every where is really not conve. Sometimes I paiseh also. Been using my lousy phone camra for candid shots and I really hate to see its quality. I hope using iA mode on the panny can solve the mis-setting? Errr...can?? Tks again.

maryann koh said...

hi etceteramommy, i did try the iA mode but under low light conditions it will boost the iso up to 800 which i find is far too grainy for my liking. actually as long as your shots are well exposed, iso800 is still acceptable but being on iA mode tends to underexpose your shots sometimes so just beware. set to manual if you have to! I have posted some more shots from the Lumix in my new post "Out and about". Those were on iso200 and f2.