Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Summer time!

Back in September, Ashley and I shot an outdoor session with a little girl named Summer. This is actually Summer's second shoot with The Studio Loft.

We met Summer's parents during the Motherhood Fair in 2007. Her dad was totally in love with the canvas we displayed at our booth of Candida's son St John jumping from a chair. It was a seamless collage of a few jumping positions SJ did in the studio when he was 2 years old. He signed up for a studio session with us just to try and get the same shots done. It was unsuccessful :p Summer refused to jump.

One year on, her parents decided to go for an outdoor session. Here are some shots from the session and some spreads from her coffeetable album.

Trying out a new effect which is dominant throughout the album:

This is the album cover:

After the shoot, we adjourned to the studio to try the jumping shots again and hurray! She got it this time :) Here's the final jumping collage which was printed into a 1 meter long canvas.


Ozzie said...

AWESOME coffeetable book!!! i want i want outdoor session with u for J ... before he loses his toddler charm n cheekiness

Jodie said...

Wow...I like the album alot! Especially the last picture of her jumping off the chair. NICE!

J.H said...

that is an amazing colour, I love the way you touch up the outdoor picture, looks intense yet soft :-)