Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fabulous at Five

For a change, I shall let Dylan do the writing for this month's entry...

Hello everyone, I am 5 months old today! This month, I attended my first wedding dinner (I didn't give the newly weds an ang pow as I sat on mummy's lap and only had mummy's milk for food), had my first hair cut (by daddy), and I also had my first fall (bad mummy!). It wasn't too bad as I have an extremely hard head but it was nice watching daddy squirm as I bawled my lungs out while mummy showered me with kisses on my "ba-lu-ku".

With my constant grumbles when they eat in front of me and me smacking my lips furiously, I would think that they (my parents) would have gotten the hint by now that I am wanting a taste of whatever they are having! But no, they just continue eating and ignoring me! hmmph! During Ashley jie jie's birthday celebrations they even put the chocolate cake in front of me, just out of my reach! And they giggled and laughed as I kick my legs and wave my arms hard to try and reach the cake :( Oh man! And mummy tells me to wait another month as WHO recommends babies start solids only after 6 months. I shall be patient then.

I am not sure but I think mummy is enjoying me so much that she may want another baby! She brought kor kor and I to the hospital to visit baby Chloe and I think I detect a twinkle in her eye as she looked at the newborn. Hey mummy, I was a newborn too just a few months ago! Anyway I hear her clients telling her all sorts of old wives tales about the sex of her next baby. They squeeze my thunder thighs and commented that I have only one line across my thigh, meaning that the next sibling I have will be a brother! Mummy groans in dismay when she heard this. Then another pregnant aunty who came for shoot told mummy that if my nipples are inverted, my next sibling will be a sister but if my nipples are protruding, my next sibling will be a brother! Mummy quickly unfastened my onesie and squealed in delight to see that my nips are inverted :s Then while changing kor kor's shirt one day she noticed that his nips are inverted too and she gave another groan hahaha! Anyway I think it will just be kor kor and I as daddy is not interested in having any more kids.

My fingers and toes are now the subject of my interest. I like to hold my toes with my hands and on a few occasions I actually managed to suck my big toe, it's mighty tasty just like my fingers which I now like to look at and do some "counting". Mummy bought me some toys and I particularly love the ones that crinkle and makes a noise.

Work wise, I have been put into a flower pot, shot against a new background and tomorrow I hear Charlene jie jie and mummy saying that I will be shot with Christmas props! My work never ends ;p

Mummy will be posting some pictures soon. I am feeling fabulous at 5 months and am thankful for all the love I am getting from everyone :)


Here's a sneak peek of our Christmas shoot with Dylan :)

Are all these for me?

These blue ornaments are lovely!

Hmmm, you want me to put on the spectacles again?

Alright, how do I look?

What? You want me to put on an elf suit after this?!?

How long more guys? I am getting grumpy and crosseyed staring at these balls!

Ok that's it! You are getting my super cute angry pout!


Davester said...

Wah such a brilliant baby! + want another sibling somemore.. :P

momoechan said...

heh heh, yes baby Dylan, I've also heard about this rumour abt ur mummy itching to get u a sibling, and a girl too. Tell mummy that she can always adopt baby Chloe if she's too tired to try 1 of her own ;p

J.H said...

I like the last one the most! That expression is PRICELESS!! And you just give me an idea what to do with my son's face on his next picture :-)