Monday, November 24, 2008

Tough to be charitable

Last week I posted details of our Christmas promo and the very next day I thought why not increase the price from $25 to $28 and contribute the $3 to charity? So I contacted the Children's Cancer Foundation to make some enquiries on how I should go about doing this. I was referred to 3 persons before I was able to speak to someone about making a contribution. A nice lady Yenni spoke to me and she said if I put it like that, it will be considered as fund raising and a permit and auditing will be required amounting to about $500! So she suggested:

1. The Loft just mention that the studio will be supporting CCF for this Christmas and hoping to raise some funds (or fix an amount) for CCF and encourage the customers participation by donating a voluntary amount to make this event successful.

2. Sponsorship in kind, the studio can give free photo shoots for their beneficiaries say for 3 or 5 of them? They will select those born in December or else those from low income family, etc.

I decided to go with her second suggestion and I revised the promo flyer to include their logo and mentioned that the studio will be donating a part of the proceeds from the promo to the charity in the form of 3 x Little Big Shots packages. Then I emailed them for approval but received a call from Yenni's colleague to say that the first suggestion by Yenni actually requires a permit, that we are not allowed to mention "a part of the proceeds will go to blah blah blah" and also cannot mention "do your bit for charity" as this will again be insinuating that it's a fund raising activity thus requiring the permit and auditing :s Also he said I cannot use their logo... Sigh, so much red tape just to donate to charity, it makes me wonder why they make it so difficult for people to give them money. Then he explained that it was because of the NKF saga...

Anyway, he said if I can just donate to them without mentioning it in the promo flyer that will be good and will not require permit or auditing. So my bit for charity this Christmas will be a donation of 3 x Little Big Shots packages to 3 children from the CCF :) I can't wait to meet them all soon!


Davester said...

Yah I agree. Fund-raising isn't easy, and harder for non-profits. But it also cuts down on some of the sham fund-raising ppl you see around at MRT stops etc.

etceteramommy said...

This is very positive initiative on your end here. The foundation will actually arrange 3 children to your studio? Wish there is something I can do too.. Mmmm..

petite fleur said...

Good for you maryann & that you're going ahead with it despite the "obstacles".

maryann koh said...

etceteramommy, yes CCF will select 3 children to come to us for a shoot with their families. you can always volunteer your time or money to the charity, details on their site on how to make a donation :)

thanks mei and dave!

Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

Usually, people find it is easiest to part with cash when it comes to doing something for charity. This is fine when things are rosy with the economy, but in times when everyone is tightening their belts (and especially now it is near Christmas time!), it will be a challenge for charity bodies to raise money. If only there was not so much red tape required, because I know some of these charity bodies require the financial help.

I used to volunteer with CCF, where I was assigned to spend time - like one to two hours per week - with a child. Mine was a special case, cos she was awaiting surgery and had been warded in hospital for observation. Her family could not afford the entire cost of her surgery and it was the CCF that subsidised a huge bulk of the fees.

I really hope more people will devote either time or money to help charities such as CCF, the Rainbow Club, the Breast Cancer Foundation and those homes for old folks. They require as much help as NKF and CC received in the past.

hippo aka cherie said...

*clap clap* maryann! so nice of u to push on with other ways to do ur part for charity despite the red tape involved with cash! cheers!!

Mom to Angels said...

Hello, that's a nice gesture of you to donate in every way you can.

I would like to do a family photoshoot at your studio one day.

Will contact your studio soon.