Sunday, November 16, 2008

The mischievous one

I'm so guilty that I've not been posting about Kayden so here's an update :)

Since my last post on him regarding my suspicion of him having selective mutism, he has made marked improvements in his social skills. During the parents teachers meeting yesterday, Ms Juliana (his form teacher) told us that he is very mischievous and chatty in class and since the last assessment, "he has shown tremendous improvement in his social, emotional and language skills. He is very expressive when relating his experiences to his teachers and friends". You have no idea how happy that made Erwin and I :D HURRAY! He's normal!

Kayden loves to talk back now which gets annoying at times and hilarious on other occasions. When we tell him to stop being a copycat, he will retort with,"Stop being a copydog, copycow, copydonkey." etc :s His vocabulary is also astounding and we are constantly surprised by the words he knows. Example, he likes to touch the bonnet of this green car in our block and one time when he touched the car, Erwin asked him if it's hot or cold to the touch. He replies,"It's warm." :p He is starting to stop referring to himself as a third person. He used to refer to himself as Kayden this Kayden that. Now he is learning to say "myself", "yourself" etc.

Music is still very much in him. After hearing any song once, he picks it up just like that and is able to sing or hum the tune the next time he hears it. It's really amazing. Currently he can sing to Queen, Rihanna's "Disturbia" and Pink's "Rockstar" and all the other regular nursery rhymes of course. Here's a clip of him singing Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" :p

They say the child's mind is very imaginative and I never knew how much till I had children. Kay will draw a big irregular shape with a blue colour pencil and when I asked what it was, he will say,"It's a big blue whale!" Of course it looks nothing like a whale but to him it's probably the best looking whale ever :p Looking at the picture below, I don't think you can guess what the items are, the thin green piece of playdoh is a "small roti prata", next to that is a bunch of "broccoli". The next picture shows a "big cake" and an "aeroplane" :s

One time he excitedly ran out of the room to tell me the dog and the pig and the cow and the sheep are eating his lego, I followed him to his bed and saw this:


. brenda . said...

Hahah!! that's so cute la! Wait till Norah J hears it!! :P

megan said...

Yah, you should send the clip to Norah Jones. Her youngest fan... Haha.

I like the last picture. They are indeed eating his legos.

Angela said...

my god! K is amazing! hahaha.. so cute man... No typical nursery rhymes for him huh!! hehehe :)