Friday, November 21, 2008

The Intern and The Chair

Yesterday The Studio Loft welcomed it's first intern! She is Hitomi from NAFA. Into her final year majoring in photography, Hitomi likes to shoot still life and is inspired by the works of Takashi Yasumura and Rebecca Sittler. She explains that they photograph objects in places where they are not usually found, eg. some marshmellows tumbling down a pillow on a bed. Interesting :)

During lunch time, we went to my friend Corinne's office which is a street away to collect this victorian looking chair she's loaning me for use as a studio prop. Wanted to take some shots of Dylan wearing just a bow tie sitting on the chair but my mother-in-law kept nagging that he's still not well and so here are the shots of him sitting on the chair in his pajamas :p

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