Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

There's no phrase that make you sound more like your parents than when you hear "Eat your vegetables!" being uttered from your lips :p Obviously directed at your own children. I have all but totally given up on Kayden's meals till I happened to watch an episode of Oprah where this book Deceptively Delicious by my favourite comedian's wife, Jessica Seinfeld, was featured. It uses the simple tactic of hiding the goodness of veggies into foods kids love in the form of purees. She cleverly mixes the right vegtables with the right type of food so that even the most discerning little eaters will not be suspicious.

Some winning recipes include:

Macaroni and Cheese with Butternut Squash or Cauliflower

Chocolate Cake with Beetroot

For the sweet toothed, there's even Brownies with Carrots and Spinach! Really cool!

After the show, I rushed to Borders to get it but they said it's out of stock...obviously! I'm sure all the other mothers who like me have struggled to get their kids to eat right have rushed out to get the book before me! It must have been a rerun I was watching :p Finally I got my hands on the book last week but have yet to try out the recipes. Will do so this week and post some of the winning recipes with reports of how they went with my white-rice-green-noodles-bread-eating-toddler :p

I think Jessica sums it up best in her book introduction:
"All we want is to make simple, fast, nutritious meals that our kids will actually eat. But after just one experience of watching a child throw our best efforts onto the floor, or refuse to eat, we just want to give up. Who has that kind of time - and food - to waste?"



Cindy Lim said...

Oooo.. pls tell me did this wonder book works for your boy!! I am having a stressful time with Naomi.. She simply refused to eat and all the food i had prepared went down to the bin.. Super discouraged =(

Jayne said...

Oh my.. all mothers have the same problems with their toddlers, don't they?!! I guess I have to get this book too! Tell me whether it works for yours. :-)

monozygotic said...

Hi Maryann

Yes, please tell us if the recipes are working for your boy. Will "charge" down to Borders to get it if it works. Thanks! :)