Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas came early

Christmas came early for me this year, Dylan my cutie pie was my present in June :D Another early Christmas present is Kayden's social skills improvement :) Both these "gifts" are priceless and I treasure both my boys dearly. *MUAK!*

Earlier I posted some photos we took of Dylan for our Christmas Walk In promotion. On Saturday after his outing with Gong Gong, Kayden dropped by the studio and we managed to get some shots of him as well. Too bad we couldn't get a nice shot of both brothers together, it was a total nightmare trying to do so!

Anyway here are some of the pictures, you can view the full set on my Facebook.

I may be slightly biased, but isn't this the cutest Santa ever! :p

What do you mean there's nothing in them?

Doesn't he look like a mischievous elf here?

Can I have this one mummy?

My first Christmas tree!

Do I look like Santa?!?



megan said...

Haha... He really is sooo cute!

Stanley Koh said...

wow, really a very early xmas!!! nice festive moods you have at your studio!!!


Davester said...

Heh did you know Dylan and Kayden about the same number of entries in your blog now?

maryann koh said...

oh dear i feel very bad now for K :p shall post more on Kor Kor from now on!