Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out and about

Apart from being my brother's birthday yesterday, it was an event filled day for me and the little one. After a morning of shoots, we went to the Mothers En Vogue fashion show upon the invitation of Jesline. She was the contact point with MEV when I shot the breastfeeding photos for BMSG (MEV sponsored the nursing tops for the shoot).

It was Dylan's first fashion show obviously and mine as well :p The event was cosy and informal and I bought 2 nursing tops and bras. Bumped into some familiar faces as well - Sunuja and Adila from Today's Parents magazine were there and a Bloom client of mine too. While pigging on the yummy chocolate cake, I chatted with the preggy sitting next to me. She's a jewellery designer and expecting her first child. Dylan (who pooped during the show of all time!), whom I so unabashedly changed on the sofa of the shopping centre (there was so baby room in the entire shopping centre! what's a mother to do?), was happily tugging on the lady's blouse while I spoke to her. The little attention seeker!

Then it was off to meet Erwin and Kayden at the Singapore Flyer for Erwin's company dinner & dance. We took a bus as the mrt station was too far away. It's Dylan's first bus ride! I still remember Kayden's, it was a journey from Punggol to Braddell :)

Anyways, I forgot to take a picture of the family while at the d&d as I was totally exhausted carrying the 9kg baby all day long in the pouch. But managed to take a nice shot of the expressway :p

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Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

Five months and already 9kg? Sounds like he is following the growth pattern of Antonio!

My little bub turns 7mths next Wed and he is already 11.5kg...